Summer school – Krapinske toplice, Croatia 2017

Summer school – Krapinske toplice, Croatia 2017


Children’s and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapy

Venue: Hotel “Toplice”, Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

Date: 30.06.- 04.07.2017.

Leaders: Lidija Pecotić and Margareta Mesić, prof.

Dear colleagues,

Again, this year we are organized a “Summer School of Children and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapy”. This “Summer School” will present work with children and young people through the use of Projective Techniques, and will provide practicums skill workshops regarding so called Unresolved Transgenerational Issues of children and adolescents.

Children are from the early childhood “forced” to use a largely dominant left hemisphere to develop cognition, for which they are rewarded, and the activities of the right hemispheres are largely neglected, although they are in the sense very important for successful cognitive growth.

In psychotherapy, besides the dominant left hemisphere of the brain, which is in control of information, concepts, ideas, it is also good to use the right hemisphere of the brain that brings implications, new meannings, associations and allows circularity in interpersonal relationships. Using the right hemisphere is based on the assumption that a story or an image can represent the inner or outer reality of a person.  It can lead to a change in the inner reality, as well as to a differences in an understanding of external reality.

This Summer School aim is to raise an awareness of some more creative ways to work with children, such as using fairy tales, charts/maps, dreams and more.

Participants would hopefuly gain some new experiences and knowledge in somewhat different way.

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