Membership in EIATSCYP comes in different categories:

  1. Full (Organisational) Members
  2. Provisional members
  3. Institutional members
  4. Associate members
  5. Individual members

Organisational membership

Organisational members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Full membership shall be for organisations having a significant commitment to therapy with Children and Young People.

  • The Membership Committee oversees, reviews and maintains EIATSCYP applicant organisational membership process.
  • The Membership Committee scrutinise and provide feedback on applications received from organisations seeking EIATSCYP membership.
  • The Membership Committee consider and oversee organisations’ applications to join and make recommendations for membership to the Board.
  • Individual registrant
  • The Membership Committee considers matters relating to an individual registrant who does not meet EIATSCYP requirements, excluding the Complaints.

Benefits of EIATSCYP organisational membership  will be informed of special offers available to members, for example regarding events, or video recordings of events, whenever these become available.

Become a member

Provisional members

Provisional membership shall be for organisations that do not yet fulfil all the conditions for full membership but should be able to do so within three years of the commencement of provisional membership.

  • The Membership Committee oversees, reviews EIATSCYP applicant provisional membership process and gives the advice to help them become a full member in the future.

Institutional members

Institutional membership is subject to the discretion of the Board and is for established organisations from the range of disciplines providing therapeutic services for children and young people.

Associate members

Associate membership is for organisations with an interest in supporting and  promoting therapeutic activity with Children and Young people.

Individual membership

Are members who are not affiliated with a recognised organisation but who meet the EATCYP training standards.

  • The membership committee assesses whether an applicant meets the expected conditions.

Draft version, 2021.