Our vision

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Our Vision

An inclusive interdisciplinary association of allied professionals working together for the benefit of children and young people.

EIATSCYP grew from many informal meetings and discussions among psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, medical doctors/psychiatrists and education specialists over a number of years and across several European countries.

All share common interests and concerns about the psychological health and well being of the children and young people with whom we come into contact in our different and varied professional roles.

We recognise and acknowledge, among a range of other issues, that struggles within and between the professions often appear to contribute and add to the problems experienced by children and young people. Notable among these is the frequent lack of effective collaboration between the various different agencies involved in work with children and young people which at times  present as repressed or manifest conflict.

Furthermore, within a profession differences of theoretical dogma and approach can seriously restrict a child’s access to a range of alternative therapies as a result of explicit or implicit restrictive practice. EIATSCYP believes ‘treatment’ options should not be dictated simply by doctrinal preference but rather by what, from the wide range of options available, will best serve the needs of the child or young person.

While recognizing the major and indispensable contribution of a range of professions to the health of our children and young people nevertheless we acknowledge that the kind of dysfunctional behaviour within and among the professions mentioned above has certain significant parallels with dysfunctional processes within families.

EIATSCYP is therefore committed to being an inclusive association that aspires to go beyond schoolism’ so that membership is open to practitioners from the range of theoretical models within and beyond the psychoanalytic, humanistic integrative, family and systemic, cognitive-behavioural approaches.

While supportive of the need for difference and valuing the contributions and traditions of the different schools of therapy, EIATSCYP does not favour any single approach. Instead EIATSCYP is primarily concerned to promote high standards of education, training and practice through, for example, its published training standards for psychotherapy. EIATSCYP believes that high standards of education and practice are more relevant than ‘brand name’ or ‘articles of faith’, since no single approach as a monopoly on truth or good practice.

EIATSCYP is an interdisciplinary association seeking to promote more effective collaboration through an active participating membership drawn from across the range of professions engaged with children and young people. Many of the initial EIATSCYP Board members are psychotherapists who are also psychologists, social workers, psychiatrsists, medical doctors, teachers or priests. However, EIATSCYP will seek to grow separate representation at Board level from all the professions that are allied with psychotherapy and are engaged in therapeutic work with children and young people. To begin with a specific Board Member and Officer for Allied Professions will be identified and their role will be to promote and grow membership from among each of the professions until they all secure their own equal representation.

Our Purpose

EIATSCYP  is an association whose purpose includes:

  • Support and promotion of collaboration between the range of professions working therapeutically with children and young people
  • Enhancement of education, learning and clinical expertise through engagement in innovative collaborative projects with professionals from disciplines other than one’s own
  • Promotion and development of effective systems and models of interdisciplinary work and communication
  • Evolution of knowledge and research into the effectiveness of inter disciplinary therapeutic work with children and young people
  • Cooperation with national, European and International bodies such as UNESCO in the promotion and protection of the human rights of children and young people.
  • Promotion of anti oppressive practice

EIATSCYP will facilitate the above purposes through a number activities including:

  • Provide a forum for professionals committed to interdisciplinary work with children and young people
  • Encourage and support the creation of national associations or special interest groups (SIG’s) in member countries.
  • Support for local network groups
  • Conferences
  • Encourage, promote and publish research, learned articles and the dissemination of knowledge of innovative projects via an online Journal and Newsletter
  • Develop of a resource base of learned publications
  • Archive publications on ethical guidance and standards of professional practice across the range of professions
  • Document levels of educational/qualification and/or standards of training among the range of professions represented in EIATSCYP
  • Publish an online Register of the range of EIATSCYP member professionals working therapeutically with children and young people
  • Provide discussion forums for clinicians, supervisors, teachers and trainers